About Us

RS Overseas is part of the RSUK Group of Companies and was born from a desire to help clients who are seeking an employment opportunity and migration to New Zealand.

If you have already tried to secure yourself a position in New Zealand, unless you are one of the fortunate few, you will already have come across the ‘chicken and egg’ scenario.

Employers and recruitment companies seem only interested in you if you have a visa, and sadly you need a job offer in order to get the visa.

It can frustrating, complex and off putting!

Hence RS Overseas – our aim is to bridge this ‘chicken and egg situation’ with a service that combines both recruitment and migration.

With decades worth of experience and a growing database of connections in New Zealand we feel well placed to guide you through the labyrinth of securing a job and successfully migrating.

We aim to remove the obstacles that put employers off, even reviewing your CV, to provide you with a clear pathway in terms of how you need to proceed and importantly how to maximise your chances of securing a position.

Why not load your CV here and see how RS Overseas can be of assistance to you.