Tips for finding a job In New Zealand

finding a job in new zealandYour first task before moving to New Zealand would most likely be finding a job in New Zealand. That’s because most migrants must have a job offer in order to get a work visa.

Finding a job in a foreign country is however not necessarily as easy as finding one in your home country.

With a little help from someone in the know, like RS Overseas, job hunting abroad can be made much easier though.

Follow our tips and you’ll stay one step ahead of everyone else in the race for a job in New Zealand.

Finding a job in New Zealand

1. Do some research

It is safe to assume that you are not familiar with the New Zealand employment environment or job market when you decide to emigrate.

This means you won’t know that foreigners are urged to apply in certain industries and sectors where scarce skills, i.e. where there is a shortage of skills, have been identified.

It is very hard, and sometimes impossible, to successfully apply for a job and receive a visa in an industry or sector that is not on any skills shortage lists in New Zealand.

You can now understand why you first have to find out which industries and sectors are important in New Zealand, and which ones are in need of skilled people.

You’ll only find occupations that appear on New Zealand’s skill shortage lists on Find a Job New Zealand. If you can’t find your occupation here, have a look at the skill shortage lists published on the New Zealand government’s immigration site. Your job might still be in demand.

2. Ensure that your qualifications are recognised

You’ll have to check whether your qualifications are recognised in New Zealand or not. If it is not, and you apply for a work visa, it may be necessary to have your qualifications assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

3. Don’t restrict yourself to job portals

It goes without saying that job portals are good for finding a job in New Zealand and keeping track of jobs. This is exactly our aim – to help you find job opportunities more easily.

There are however other avenues you should also consider exploring:

  • Job listings on the websites of professional bodies or industry organisations.
  • Vacancy sections on company websites, especially if you are interested in a specific company.
  • Expat forums and websites.
  • Facebook groups specifically for foreigners interested in migrating to New Zealand.

4. Inform family and friends of your intentions

Why do your job search on your own if you can rope in the help of family and friends? Ask them to keep their eyes and ears open as soon as you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Also ask if anyone in your circle perhaps know someone in New Zealand, preferably in your industry. A personal contact with insider knowledge will prove invaluable and might lead to a job much quicker than an online search.

5. Create a LinkedIn profile

Now is the time to create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t yet have one. Recruiters and companies alike use LinkedIn every day to find suitable candidates for vacancies.

If you’re unsure of how to set up a LinkedIn profile, have a look at this informative article, published on LinkedIn, for guidance.

Of course, should you already have a LinkedIn profile, ensure it’s updated!

The process of finding a job in New Zealand doesn’t stop here of course. Now you have to apply. We have compiled tips for you on this too, so be sure to read it.